Today is better than it was yesterday, but not as good as it will be tomorrow.”

— Marcus Amaya Music


Ever since he could remember Marcus has always been drawn to music. As a child from a broken home, it was difficult to harness, express, or even become aware of his musical talents. It wasn’t until after being forced to live on his own and fend for himself at the age of fifteen that he was able to discover his purpose and find his passion for making music.

Marcus has had to overcome many obstacles to be able to pursue his dreams and create a long-lasting and memorable music career that will touch hearts and bring people together from all walks of life. As a young voice for change, he has met with mayors, city leaders and other organizations to express his interest in spreading positive messages through music. “You should never be afraid to love unconditionally, yet be fierce enough to stand up for what you believe in. Music is the key.” 

Marcus has performed in a range of venues, from festivals to intimate private events. He gigs regularly and knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

 He captivates his audiences by fusing sweet tropical rhythms with head bumping hip hop/R&B beats while accenting his gritty blues leads through the use of a loop pedal; vivid lyrics and memorable vocals splash color and evokes raw emotion to his performance. 

Marcus is a self-taught guitarist and vocalist drawing inspiration from other artists and the ever-changing world around him. His unique tone, bold Stage presence, and exceptional Public speaking skills are strong suits of his. Marcus continues to learn and absorb from his life experience to perfect his craft.



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